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Residential Home Elevator Installation. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Residential Elevators

These home elevators have the ability to travel 1-6 floors. Sizing options range from single occupant to multiple occupants. Weight capacity 750-950 pounds.

Passenger Elevator. New Construction. Serving Ohio, Indiana, Michigan.

Passenger/Commercial Elevators

These elevators are fully automatic, transport passengers floor to floor, and found in public buildings. They offer a starting weight capacity of 2000 pounds.

Vertical Platform Lift Sales and Service. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Vertical Platform Lifts

This is an open car with 42” high side walls and no ceiling. They are typically used for porches or garages into the main level of the home. Churches utilize these as they can travel up to 14 feet.

Vertical Platform Lift Finished Product - Outside Home

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

A continuous pressure operated elevator that does not require gates. Can travel up to 14 feet and have 80” cab walls with a ceiling.

Residential & Commercial Stairlifts/Chairlifts


There is no modification required to your home as these have guide rails that are mounted to the already existing steps. Applications include straight stairways, stairways with landings and spiral staircases.

Inclined Platform Lift for Sale. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

Inclined Platform Lifts (IPL's)

These lifts carry a wheelchair over existing stairs on a level platform. They can travel as little as a few feet up to over 100 feet.

Limited Use/Access Elevators for Sales. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

LULA Elevators (Limited Use/Access)

These are small commercial elevators with 2-speed automatic sliding doors. They can travel vertically up to 25 feet. It is a hybrid of a commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift.

Residential and Commercial Dumbwaiters for sale. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.


These are small freight elevators or lifts connected between multiple stories, intended to transport items between floors. They have residential and commercial applications and are common in restaurants, medical facilities, and homes.

Savaria M-1504 Material Lift Installation. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Material Lifts

These are a small freight elevator designed to carry larger items with an enclosed platform, however, not intended to carry people. Common in restaurants, retail stores, and small businesses.

M2Lift Vertical Platform Lift, Freight Elevator Installation. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Freight Elevators

Designed to move goods and materials throughout a building. They travel at slower speeds, carry much heavier loads and are designed to withstand tougher working conditions.

LEARN MORE ABOUT the costs of home elevator installation

The cost of your home elevator installation will vary based on a variety of factors including model type, brand, number of floors, customizations, necessary construction, and more. We understand that it can be overwhelming to decide what options are best for your needs. However, there is no need to worry about costs because our team at Premier Elevator & Lift will work closely with you to determine the best elevator for you based on your budget and will answer any questions that you may have regarding safety features, customization options, cost savings strategies, and timeline estimates.


We are a local, family-owned and operated elevator and lift business. If you have an elevator or lift that needs maintenance, repairs, compliance or looking for a new install, we are the professionals for you! With over 15 years of experience, our owner John, has a passion for accessibility and meeting the needs of all clients! With over 10,000 hours of service, our professionally trained technicians far exceed the mark as well! If you are looking for knowledge, dependability, industry tested products, professionals and a job well-done, contact Premier today for all of your elevator and lift needs!


Northwest Ohio

Cities Served: Ada, Arlington, Bowling Green, Celina, Coldwater, Defiance, Findlay, Genoa, Holland, Kenton, Leipsic ,Lima, Maumee, McComb, Monclova, Napoleon, North Baltimore, Northwood, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Perrysburg, Sidney, St. Mary's, Swanton, Sylvania, Toledo, Wapakoneta, Waterville, Wauseon, Whitehouse and the surrounding areas.


Northeast Indiana

Cities Served: Angola, Arcola, Ashley, Auburn, Bluffton, Cedar Shores, Columbia City, Decatur, Fort Wayne, Fremont, Hamilton, Hudson, Markle, New Haven, Orland, South Bend Wabash, Waterloo and the surrounding areas.


SouthEast Michigan

Cities Served: Adrian, Bedford, Blissfield, Clinton, Coldwater, Lambertville, Luna Pier, Monroe, Morenci, Ottawa Lake, Tecumseh, Temperance and the surround areas.

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Wurtec Elevator


Wurtec Elevator

Wessex Lifts

Wessex Lifts

Wessex Lifts

Harmar Lifts

Harmar Lifts

Harmar Lifts

Custom Elevator

Custom Elevator

Custom Elevator

American Access Industries & Service Inc.

American Access Industries & Service Inc.

American Access Industries & Service Inc.

National Wheel-O-Vator Elevators

National Wheel-O-Vator Elevators

National Wheel-O-Vator

RAM Elevator + Lifts

RAM Elevator + Lifts

RAM Elevators + Lifts