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Trust Us to Elevate Your Accessibility solutions with precision and care

At Premier Elevator and Lift, we redefine accessibility for homes, businesses, churches, and industrial spaces across Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. As a family-owned enterprise, we're committed to personalized service, offering a broad range of solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into any environment. Our commercial elevators blend style with function, while our church lifts respect the sanctity of worship spaces. For industrial needs, we deliver durable, high-capacity systems, ensuring safe and efficient operations

We Specialize in New Installation, Service, And Maintenance Of Elevators And Lifts For: 

 Homes, Commercial Settings, Industrial Facilities, and Places of Worship


Premier Elevator and Lift's offerings in residential areas focus on enhancing home accessibility and value. By incorporating their specialized elevator solutions, homeowners can enjoy improved mobility, convenience, and future-proof living spaces. Our services make your home more navigable for everyone, regardless of mobility limitations, adding comfort and inclusivity.


Premier Elevator and Lift offers specialized elevator solutions for businesses, focusing on enhancing accessibility while maintaining the aesthetic and functional requirements of commercial settings. Our expertise ensures reliable and efficient access solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business, providing a seamless integration with existing structures.

CHURCHES & PlaceS of worship

For churches, Premier Elevator and Lift provides specialized elevator solutions that cater to the unique architectural and functional needs of religious buildings. Our services ensure that accessibility is seamlessly integrated into the sacred space, enhancing the inclusivity and convenience for all congregants.


In the industrial sector, Premier Elevator and Lift tailors its solutions to meet the robust and high-capacity needs of manufacturing and industrial facilities, ensuring efficient and safe vertical transportation of goods and personnel​.

Diverse Elevator and Lift Solutions for Every Need


Residential Elevators

Elevate your home's convenience and value with our state-of-the-art residential elevators, designed for seamless integration into any household. These sophisticated systems offer smooth, safe vertical mobility, enhancing accessibility while complementing your home's aesthetic.

Passenger Elevator. New Construction. Serving Ohio, Indiana, Michigan.

Passenger Elevators

Our passenger elevators provide efficient, reliable vertical transportation solutions for buildings of all sizes. Engineered for comfort and safety, they ensure a smooth ride for occupants, making them ideal for commercial and residential properties alike.


Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts offer a practical and cost-effective solution for overcoming architectural barriers in homes and public buildings. These lifts provide wheelchair users and those with limited mobility easy access between floors, ensuring inclusivity and independence.

Vertical Platform Lift Finished Product - Outside Home

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Our vertical wheelchair lifts are designed to enhance mobility for individuals in wheelchairs, providing easy access to raised platforms, stages, and multi-level homes. With robust safety features, these lifts ensure a secure and smooth ascent and descent with the feel of being in an elevator.



Transform your staircase into a comfortable mobility solution with our stairlifts and chairlifts. Perfect for homes with limited space, they provide a safe and reliable way for individuals to navigate between floors effortlessly.

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Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts seamlessly blend with your staircases, offering a space-efficient mobility solution for wheelchair users. These lifts glide along the stairs, providing easy access to different levels without compromising the staircase's functionality due to their folding capability.

LULA Elevator

LULA Elevators

Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) elevators are the ideal middle ground between full-sized commercial elevators and smaller residential lifts, designed specifically for low-rise buildings. They offer accessibility solutions that are both space-efficient and compliant with ADA standards and up to 25 feet of travel.

Residential and Commercial Dumbwaiters for sale. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.


Enhance the functionality of your home or commercial space with our dumbwaiters, perfect for transporting goods between floors efficiently. These small freight elevators save time and reduce the physical strain and dangers of carrying items manually.

Savaria M-1504 Material Lift Installation. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Material Lifts

Our material lifts are engineered to handle heavy-duty lifting tasks in industrial and commercial settings, providing a safe and efficient way to transport goods vertically. Robust and reliable, they are an essential component for operations requiring material movement.

M2Lift Vertical Platform Lift, Freight Elevator Installation. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Freight Elevators

Designed to accommodate the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial use, our freight elevators ensure the safe and efficient vertical transportation of goods and equipment. With their sturdy construction, they are capable of moving large volumes and heavy loads with ease.

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How our Process Works

When you initially contact us, our first step is always discussing your accessibility needs. There are many options available to make the home you love more accessible. Whether it be an elevator, a stair lift or a wheelchair lift, we offer many products to fit your specific needs.

If you wish to proceed after our conversation, we will schedule an in-home or on-site evaluation to determine the best product for your accessibility needs based upon your personal preferences and available space. Once we have determined what product will optimize your accessibility, we can begin discussing the look and styles that you are seeking to fit your interior design.

After all additional options and color selections are chosen, we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Most projects will require a contractor to build a hoistway for an elevator or lift. We have many contractors that we collaborate with. We can provide you with a recommendation, or if you already have a contractor, we will gladly collaborate with them from design to the completed project. This will ensure that hoistway specifications are followed and built accordingly to allow our installation to be accurately completed.

Stairlifts do not require modification to the stairs or walls and therefore do not require a contractor. However, a nearby outlet is required to power the stairlift.

Orders will be placed once the project is approved by you and the contract is signed. We will provide you with an estimated time frame for delivery from the manufacturer. When we have shipping details, we will contact you to schedule installation.


Northwest & Central Ohio

Cities Served: Ada, Arlington, Bowling Green, Celina, Coldwater, Columbus, Defiance, Delaware, Dublin, Findlay, Gahanna, Genoa, Grove City, Hilliard, Holland, Kenton, Leipsic , Lewis Center, Lima, Maumee, McComb, Monclova, Napoleon, North Baltimore, Northwood, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Perrysburg, Pickerington, Port Clinton, Reynoldsburg, Sandusky, Sidney, St. Mary's, Swanton, Sylvania, Toledo, Upper Arlington, Wapakoneta, Waterville, Wauseon, Westerville, Whitehall, Whitehouse and the surrounding areas.


Northeast Indiana

Cities Served: Angola, Arcola, Ashley, Auburn, Bluffton, Cedar Shores, Columbia City, Decatur, Fort Wayne, Fremont, Hamilton, Hudson, Markle, New Haven, Orland, South Bend Wabash, Waterloo and the surrounding areas.


SouthEast Michigan

Cities Served: Adrian, Bedford, Blissfield, Clinton, Coldwater, Lambertville, Luna Pier, Monroe, Morenci, Ottawa Lake, Tecumseh, Temperance and the surrounding areas.

Sample Products

Residential Elevator
Passenger Elevator
Vertical Platform Lift
Residential Elevator
Residential Elevator
Residential Elevator
Residential Elevator


John from Premier Elevator and Lift came out immediately when we had a stuck OLD/ Concord/Samaria elevator at the bottom of our stairs! After more than 2-hours on the phone calling all around Michigan/Ohio and being told by others they could come out in 6-8 weeks, we FINALLY struck GOLD and were BEYOND blessed to have found Premier!! I was literally in TEARS when John said he would be out in 45-minutes!

The fees were BEYOND reasonable, in fact I thought TOO LOW for immediate service, and he fixed EVERYTHING and got us up and running immediately! THANK YOU SOOOOOO VERY MUCH! We were blessed to have found you today!

You saved the day and we have been truly BLESSED!!"

-Sherri M.