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LULA Elevators (Limited Use/Access)

Optimize Space and Accessibility with LULA Elevator Solutions

We Specialize in New Installation, Service, And Maintenance Of Elevators And Lifts For: 

 Homes, Commercial Settings, Industrial Facilities, and Places of Worship

Limited Use/Access Elevators for Sales. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

Space an issue, but still need an elevator?

A LULA elevator is the perfect solution!

A hybrid of a commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift, a LULA elevator can meet all of your accessibility needs when space is an issue!

Limited use/limited access elevators are an effective alternative when needing accessibility in a new or existing building at an economical cost. These elevators are a hybrid of a commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. They are essentially small commercial elevators with 2-speed automatic sliding doors that can travel vertically up to 25 feet and provide reliable accessibility options. Here at Premier Elevator and Lift, we can customize your LULA to your likings with a wide range of finishes and designs. Contact us today to set up your free consultation!