State Compliance

Stay up to date with your safety tests!

Avoid costly state reinspection fees and having your equipment removed from service.

Any public use elevator and/or lift is required by the state to have an annual safety test completed by an elevator company. In addition, units with safety devices are required to have a 5-year full load completed. Units with a winding drum type machine are required to have wire ropes(cables) replaced every 1-2 years unless a variance is obtained from the state which will allow you to replace the cable every 5 years in lieu of the 1–2-year requirement. If you need help applying for this variance, we will provide you with the proper documents and assist with the application process. Hydraulic elevators are required to have a pressure relief test completed on an annual basis. If you have a roped-hydraulic elevator, it is required to have a full load relief test completed once every 5 years. From time to time, issues may arise, and you may receive a violation from the state of an item(s) that will need to be corrected. We provide violation correction services ranging from a battery change to water and rust repair.

Elevator Safety State Compliance. Serving Ohio, Indiana, Michigan

Premier offers the following safety services:

  • Annual and Five-year full load safety testing
  • Annual relief valve testing
  • Five Year full load wire rope (cable) replacement
  • State violation corrections
  • Hydraulic leak repairs
  • Rust and corrosion repair