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Freight Elevators

Industrial Strength Solutions for Heavy-Duty Transport

We Specialize in New Installation, Service, And Maintenance Of Elevators And Lifts For: 

 Homes, Commercial Settings, Industrial Facilities, and Places of Worship

Need to transport goods and materials throughout a building?

Install one of our freight elevators to make the process easier.

Premier offers high quality freight elevators by Savaria that can make the process of transporting materials more efficient. Applicable to many industries.

Freight elevators have a high load-bearing capacity and are designed to withstand tougher working conditions. They increase the safety of the workplace and can reduce employee injury by doing the heavy lifting for the workers. Freight elevators will not reach high speeds due to safety concerns. The high strength, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, and convenient installation and maintenance make the freight elevator a necessity for any business operating at multiple levels.

Common industries that benefit from freight elevators include industrial, agricultural, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. Premier Elevator & Lift offers Class A freight elevators. Class A is the General Freight Loading Class and is ideal for distributed loads where the weight of a single item is not more than ¼ of the capacity of the elevator. The load is moved on and off the platform manually or by hand trucks. A freight elevator can help your business run more safely and efficiently.

Savaria Elevator

Premier carries two high quality freight elevators from Savaria:

M2Lift Vertical Platform Lift, Freight Elevator Installation. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

M2lift Vertical Platform Lift

  • Complete residential porch lift package including solid flush top landing gate and integrated fascia panel for quick, seamless installation
  • Travels up to 75" between 2 stops, with straight-through access
  • Rust-resistant aluminum components; for indoor or outdoor use, even in extreme climates
  • Smooth, quiet chain drive system housed in unique twin tower design for an unobtrusive profile
  • 750 lb capacity: accommodates a wheelchair or other mobility equipment
  • Easy to operate with constant pressure controls
Savaria M-1504 Material Lift Installation. Serving Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

M-1504 Material Lift

  • Commercial freight lift ideal for restaurants, retail stores and small industrial businesses
  • Carries freight up to 1000 lb; travels up to 23 feet with 4 stops
  • Durable 60" or 80" stainless steel 5WL side guards, and diamond plate aluminum flooring
  • Flexible platform sizes from 24" x 33" up to 48" x 60"
  • Reliable hydraulic drive houses in support tower; no machine room required
  • Intended for use inside a shaftway

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